Wisconsin Medical Credit Union

 Wisconsin Medical Credit Union

What is a Credit Union?

A credit union is a not for profit organization made up of a group of people who join together to save money and to make loans to each other at fair rates of interest. A credit union is organized by people of a particular group to share a common bond such as members of the same employer, church or community group. Credit Unions provide their members a secure place to save and a source of reasonably priced credit. Credit unions also have a social mission: to teach members about the value of savings and the wise use of credit.

By Pooling Resources

About Us

Both knowledge and money, members help themselves and each other achieve economic and social advancement. Credit unions assist people of modest means to take control of their financial destiny. All members are equal owners of the organization and have equal privileges, opportunities and responsibilities. Each member has one vote in the election for committee members and board of directors.

Who Can Join?

  • Any individual living or working in Brown County
  • Any individual associated with the health care industry in Brown County and adjacent counties...
  • Calumet, Kewaunee, Manitowoc, Shawano, Oconto, Outagamie
  • Immediate family members of individuals working in the health care industry
  • Immediate family members of current credit union members
  • Employees and Associates of medical service organizations in Brown County
  • Employees of the credit union and their immediate family members
  • Any organization or association if a majority of the shareholders, partners, members or owners are eligible for membership
  • Any trust if a majority of persons, settlers, trustees and beneficiaries are eligible for membership

To become a member and take advantage of our full line of services, you must open and maintain a regular share (savings) account. You can do this by making at least a $25.00 deposit into a share (savings) account. Not sure if you qualify for membership? Call (920) 432-4353 for help.

How We Began

Wisconsin Medical Credit Union was started by Mr. Leland Clark who had worked with Mrs. Leonard Hearden on Payroll and Personnel at St. Vincent Hospital. Mr. Clark thought a credit union would be a good way for employees to help other employees.

After several meetings with Mr. Ed Muehlenberg from the Wisconsin Credit Union League concerning by-laws and a charter, a meeting was held on June 3, 1965. 59 people were in attendance and Mr. Clark was elected Secretary pro-term. Mr. Muehlenberg, who was chosen to act as chairman of the meetings, explained that the by-laws and charter had been approved by the Commissioner of Credit Unions. 49 members belonged to the Credit Union that evening in 1965. The total share balance was $295.00 and there were no loans at the time.