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At Wisconsin Medical Credit Union we understand that every person is unique and everyone has a different financial situation. We listen and consider your story. Maybe you’ve had financial difficulties and are working to get back on track? Maybe you're looking for a way to increase your usable money? We’ll work to find you the best options available.

No prepayment penalties
Save money with true bi weekly payments

To help you determine monthly payments, plug in one of our low competitive rates into the online loan calculator.

1st Mortgages

Whether purchasing or refinancing, we can offer you a mortgage that fits your life.

  • Flexible payment options.
  • Low closing costs
  • Purchase, refinance, and cash out loans
  • TRUE Bi-weekly payments available
  • Land Loans – Recreational or Residential
  • WMCU does not sell loans

Home Equity

Use the equity in your home for any purpose.

  • Purchase a vehicle
  • Remodel your home
  • Consolidate debt
  • Refinance an existing mortgage to lower your rate or your payment

What is Equity, and how do I know how much I have?

Equity is the difference between the fair market value of your property and the mortgages held against it.

$150,000 First, we need your latest appraisal or current property tax bill, to arrive at the value of your home.
x 80% We use a conservative approach using 80%* when calculating from an appraisal or the Estimated Fair Market Value from your property tax bill.
$120,000 Subtotal
- $80,000 Subtract any outstanding liens on the home (including a first mortgage, second mortgage, etc.).
$40,000 This would give you the potential amount you can borrow.

HELOC ( Home equity line of credit)

Tap into the equity of your home. Get an approved line of credit, for a determined dollar amount.

  • 7 year period during which you can take advances without reapplying
  • Up to 15 years repayment
  • Borrow funds as needed
  • Only pay interest on what you owe
  • Use the equity in your home for any purpose

Auto Loans

Looking to purchase a new or used vehicle? We have has some of the best rates in town.

  • Terms up to 84 Months
  • No down payment required
  • Get pre-approved* - to have negotiating power when looking for a vehicle
  • Already have a car picked out? Fill out a loan application* and let us get you in the driver’s seat.
  • Check the value of your trade, and the vehicle you're purchasing to ensure you're getting a fair deal. This is also a helpful tool when negotiating prices while shopping.

Recreational Loans

Purchase or refinance that boat, camper, RV, 4-wheeler, etc..

  • No down payment required
  • Flexible terms available
  • Get pre-approved*

Personal Loans

Financing for everyday life, whether expected or unexpected.

  • Quick approval
  • Flexible payment options

Credit Builder Loans

If you have less than perfect credit, here is the loan to help you get on track. Here's how it works:

  1. Take out a loan for your requested dollar amount
  2. The loan money is deposited and held in your savings account as collateral
  3. Your timely monthly payments will help build your credit score
  4. Once the loan is paid in full, the money is available to use any way you please.

Short Term Loans

Before hitting up the payday loan stores, check with us first!

  • Terms from next payday to three months available
  • Avoid the excruciatingly high interest and choose a more reasonable option
  • Quick approval

Debt Consolidation Loans

If monthly payment obligations are weighing you down, look at our debt consolidation option.

  • Pay off credit cards, medical bills, high interest debt, etc.
  • One manageable monthly payment
  • Pay debtors directly

Kwik Cash Loan

A Kwik Cash loan is a pre-approved line of credit which works like a credit card without the card

  • Use it for unexpected expenses, overdraft protection for your checking account, or whatever you want
  • Monthly payments are calculated by your outstanding balance
  • Low payments starting at $25.00 per month
  • Get loan advances when you need

Sallie Mae Student Loans

Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loans give you flexible repayment options for when scholarships, grants, and federal loans aren't enough.

For more information or to apply click here.

Loan Protection Products


The amount you owe on your vehicle and the amount it is worth usually take different roads. GAP will assist you in covering the distance between them.

What is Gap Protection?

Did you know that the second you drive your vehicle off the lot, it depreciates an average of 20%. After that, each year it declines by 15% in value for the next 4 years. GAP can help you cover the difference between the amount your insurance company covers and the amount of your loan in the event of a total loss.

For Example:

Your loan payoff: $20,000
The value of your vehicle determined by your insurance: - $16,000
Primary Insurance Deductible: - $500
Your responsibility without Gap: $4,500
GAP will cover: $4,500
*Subject to certain exclusions and benefit limitations.

Life & Disability Loan Coverage

In today’s economy, a good credit rating can be one of your most valuable assets. And through no fault of your own, it can be ruined due to an accident or illness. A common cause of repossession in the United States is a sudden illness in the family.

Your work disability insurance usually covers less than 70% of your regular income. How can you pay your bills, plus your medical expenses with less money than you make now?

In the event you become sick or injured, a fully protected loan that includes credit disability coverage means:

  • Your loan payment is made for you while you are unable to work due to any covered accident or illness
  • Benefits are in addition to any other protection you may have already
  • Gives you peace of mind so you can focus on getting better and not on bills

In the event of your death, a fully protected loan that includes credit life insurance means:

  • Protect your family's standard of living
  • The creditor is paid directly
  • Loan is paid in full, leaving your family free from payments


Mechanical breakdowns can be very expensive and you never know when they might happen. WMCU offers vehicle service contracts from Vision Warranty Corporation. Protect yourself against the high costs of vehicle repairs. In many cases, our warranties are less expensive than what you would find at a dealer. So call us for a quote, and make sure you're getting the most for your money!